Ryhope CW face Liversedge FC in the FA Vase

Ryhope CW extended the Vase dream even further when they face Yorkshire based Liversedge FC at Ryhope Recreation Park on Saturday. Colliery Welfare go into this game after a narrow defeat at the hands of Manchester outfit Abbey Hey FC who offered a very even competition that allowed success to the furthest position the club has ever gained in the FA Vase.

Ryhope are going into the game ahead of a postponement during the week against Seaham Red Star that could potentially affect the match fitness of the squad. Joint manager Gary Pearson said to Ryhope CW Media Team ‘ It was a good thing in one sense that the game on Tuesday Night did not go ahead, We did get a reprieve and a chance to get fully ready for the game on Saturday’. Listen to the full interview with Gary Pearson below


If you are one for omens then Ryhope CW usually have a very good success rate against a side that is from Yorkshire alongside with CW defender Leon Ryan holding some prestigious achievements against Liversedge FC as he beat them on his journeys when winning the FA vase three times in his football journey

You will be able to follow full match updates on our twitter page

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